Lecusay & Diaz, LLP knows your business like you do.


Lecusay & Diaz, LLP is a unique law firm. 

Ever since that first day back in 1986 when Alain Lecusay started his construction career as a laborer working hard under Florida's scorching sun, Lecusay & Diaz, LLP has been gaining wisdom.  From unskilled laborer to jobsite superintendent to senior project manager to in-house corporate counsel, and ultimately, to litigation attorney at Lecusay & Diaz, LLP.  

That's experience.  

Wisdom grows one experience at a time.

                                                                                          REAL ESTATE & BUSINESS

These days, everyone seems to either be buying, selling, or doing something with real estate in South Florida. 

There is a boom and there are thousands feeding off of the boom.  Rejecting the fray, Alfredo J. Diaz of Lecusay & Diaz, LLP prefers to guide his exclusive clients through their real estate and business transactions, whatever they may be, painlessly, affordably, and safely.   From start to finish, Lecusay & Diaz, LLP expertly handles every aspect of your transaction. 

You don't worry about it.  We do.  And with proven resources and a purposedly limited portfolio, clients are automatically afforded a level of exclusivity and unsurpassed attention that is unheard of nowadays. 

That's service.

Lecusay & Diaz, LLP delivers results with peace of mind.

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